Molded PTFE (Teflon) 3 Convolution Expansion Couplings (Series TML)

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Molded PTFE Expansion Joint 3 Convolutions
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Molded PTFE Expansion Joint 3 Convolutions

Molded PTFE Expansion Joint 3 Convolutions -Drawing


  • High density for low permeability.
  • High tensile strength for greater working pressures.
  • Low crystallinity for longer flex life.
  • Material orientation for reduced stress concentrations and / or premature fatigue failure.

Note: Nom-Length is approximate and may vary.
Each PTFE expansion joint comes with metal flanges and tapped bolt holes that accommodate bolts in accordance with ANSI B16.5. Additional tapped holes are available for connecting Corning Style 11 flanges, by special order.


API Part NumberSizeFace To Face Nom. LengthASA Standard Tapped Holes
# Holes
ASA Standard Tapped Holes
ASA Standard Tapped Holes
Pressures PSIG @ ⁰ F
Pressures PSIG @ ⁰ F
Pressures PSIG @ ⁰ F
Flange O.D.Flare FaceFlange ThiknessAxialLateralAngular w/Rods (⁰)Compression (LBS/In)Extension (LBS/In)Lateral (LBS/In)Angular (Foot Lbs/⁰)Weight
TEJ-GS-3-2011"1.75"41/2-133.13232116704.25"1.97.374.331.252258352255800.723.75 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-201H1-1/2"2.00"41/2-133.88232116705.00"2.75.374.500.252254643586060.774.85 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-2022"2.75"45/8-114.75232116706.00"3.50.452.500.374255804438281.207.94 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-202H2-1/2"3.188"45/8-115.50232116707.00"4.00.512.752.374255803126801.0210.14 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-2033"3.625"45/8-116.0018190607.50"5.00.512.752.500254603966651.1014.33 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-2044"3.625"85/8-117.5014573509.00"6.00.570.866.500185643407102.7519.84 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-2055"4.00"83/4-108.50145735010.00"7.00.7481.00.500125234259044.5020.06 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-2066"4.00"83/4-109.50116584011.00"8.00.7481.00.626125253117908.7029.10 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-2088"6.00"83/4-1011.75108543613.50"10.25.8861.13.626101272583182814.5048.50 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-21010"7.00"127/8-914.2587453016.00"12.25.9841.13.37481950768162619.6072.75 Lbs
TEJ-GS-3-21212"7.875"127/8-917.0087453019.00"14.50.9841.26.37472225824136039.30102.50 Lbs

Warning: Do NOT elongate rubber expansion joints when installing for suction service.


  • Power generation.
  • Chemical handling.
  • Food & beverage.
  • Pulp and Paper, and Steel mills.
  • Water and sewage treatment plants mining.

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