Single-Sphere Molded Rubber Expansion Joints (Series AMS)

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AMS Series Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints - Flang x Flange
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AMS Series Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints – Flange x Flange

*– Non Concurrent Ratings.
AMS Series Single Sphere Rubber Expension Joints - Flange x Flange-Drawing


  • Applicable for suction and delivery (discharge).
  • Provides sound and vibration isolation.
  • Gaskets and packing are not required.
  • Floating flanges allow for easy installation.
  • Prevents piping system and equipment breakdown by absorbing elongation and contraction caused by temperature variances.
  • Absorbs water pulsation and minimizes water hammering.


API Part NumberSize InchesSize mmFace To Face Dimensions InchesFace To Face Dimensions mmØ B.H.C. PN 10 InchesØ B.H.C. PN 10 mmØ B.H.C. PN 16 InchesØ B.H.C. PN 16 mmAllowable Motion Ratings*
Allowable Motion Ratings*
Allowable Motion Ratings*
Allowable Motion Ratings*
Installation Tolerances
Installation Tolerances
Installation Tolerances
Installation Tolerances
AMS201H1-1/240 6152.44.31101/2"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS202250 6152.41.91251/2"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS202H2-1/265 6152.45.71451/2"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS203380 6152.46.31601/2"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS2044100 6152.47.11805/8"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS2055125 6152.48.32105/8"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS2066150 6152.49.52405/8"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS2088200 6152.411.6295122955/8"3/8"1/2"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS21010250 8203.213.8350143555/8"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS21212300 8203.215.8400164103/4"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS21414350 8203.218.1460194703/4"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS21616400 8203.220.3515215253/4"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS21818450 8203.222.2565235853/4"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS22020500 8203.224.4620266503/4"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
AMS22424600 10254.028.5725307703/4"1/2"3/4"15⁰3/16"1/8"1/4"5⁰
*– Non Concurrent Ratings.

Warning: Do NOT elongate rubber expansion joints when installing for suction service.


Size Range1-1/2"-12"14"-24"
Operating Pressureup to 214 psiup tp 114 psi
Operating Temp. Range*14⁰-170⁰ F (Neoprene)
14⁰-170⁰ F (Nitrile)
14⁰-210⁰ F (EPDM)
14⁰-170⁰ F (Neoprene)
14⁰-170⁰ F (Nitrile)
14⁰-210⁰ F (EPDM)
Burst Pressure853 psi340 psi
Vacuum Rating*Contact API SalesContact API Sales

*- Warnings:

a. Pressure ratings listed in the above table are for up to 110 Degrees F (for Neoprene), and 125 Degrees F (for EPDM). For elevated temperature service, please contact API Sales for actual working pressure ratings.
b. Limit rods are required in systems that are unanchored and recommended in all other applications.


PartPart DescriptionMaterial
1FlangesMild Steel - Plated
2Reinforcing WireMild Steel
3TubeSynthetic Rubber
4CoverSynthetic Rubber
5Reinforcing CordSynthetic Fiber


  • Pumps & air compressors in air conditioning system & sanitary equipment.
  • Refrigeration systems and blowers in industrial plant equipment.
  • Feed-water and drainage equipment in marine piping systems.
  • Applicable for use in power generation and chemical plants.
  • Marine applications

Note: Customized for flanges ANSI-150, ANSI-300 and DIN

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