Class “E” Stainless Steel Blind Flanges (Series SPFBL-E)

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Class “E” Stainless Steel Blind Flanges
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AWWA Class “E” Stainless Steel Blind Flanges

AWWA Class “E” Stainless Steel Blind Flanges-Drawing

API Part NumberSize O.D. I.D.Ø B.H.C.Ø B.H. # B.H.THK Weight Lbs
SPFBL0400-E49.00 BLIND 7.500.75081.12519.0
SPFBL0500-E510.00 BLIND 8.500.87581.18824.0
SPFBL0600-E611.00 BLIND 9.500.87581.31333.0
SPFBL0800-E813.50 BLIND 11.750.87581.50058.0
SPFBL1000-E1016.00 BLIND 14.251.000121.56384.0
SPFBL1200-E1219.00 BLIND 17.001.000121.750135.0
SPFBL1400-E1421.00 BLIND 18.751.125121.875176.0
SPFBL1600-E1623.50 BLIND 21.251.125162.000234.0
SPFBL1800-E1825.00 BLIND 22.751.250162.125283.0
SPFBL2000-E2027.50 BLIND 25.001.250202.375382.0
SPFBL2200-E2229.50 BLIND 27.251.375202.500462.0
SPFBL2400-E2432.00 BLIND 29.501.375202.625575.0
SPFBL2600-E2634.25 BLIND 31.751.375242.750689.0
SPFBL2800-E2836.50 BLIND 34.001.375282.750782.0
SPFBL3000-E3038.75 BLIND 36.001.375282.875926.0
SPFBL3200-E3241.75 BLIND 38.501.625283.0001113.0
SPFBL3400-E3443.75 BLIND 40.501.625323.0501241.0
SPFBL3600-E3646.00 BLIND 42.751.625323.2091450.0
SPFBL3800-E3848.75 BLIND 45.251.625323.3941730.0
SPFBL4000-E4050.75 BLIND 47.251.625363.5331949.0
SPFBL4200-E4253.00 BLIND 49.501.625363.6952230.0
SPFBL4400-E4455.25 BLIND 51.751.625403.8572528.0
SPFBL4600-E4657.25 BLIND 53.751.625403.9972819.0
SPFBL4800-E4859.50 BLIND 56.001.625444.1593167.0
SPFBL5000-E5061.75 BLIND 58.251.875444.3273520.0
SPFBL5200-E5264.00 BLIND 60.501.875444.4893935.0
SPFBL5400-E5466.25 BLIND 62.751.875444.6514380.0
SPFBL6000-E6073.00 BLIND 69.251.875525.1165855.0
SPFBL6600-E6680.00 BLIND 76.001.875525.6017745.0
SPFBL7200-E7286.50 BLIND 82.501.875606.0669810.0

a. Dual grade 304/304L & 316/316L Stainless Steel material conforms to the requirements of AWWA C228 specifications. Other material is available upon request.
b. Meets ANSI class 150 pattern.
c. AWWA recommends the use of Dish Assemblies for sizes above 72”. Call API customer service for additional information.
Pressure Ratings: 275psi at atmospheric temperature.

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