Stainless Steel Braided - Flanged Flex Connectors

Stainless Steel Braided Flange X Flange Pump Connector

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This Stainless Steel Braided Pump Connector (Series PCF) includes a Flange X Flange connection style. These pump connectors absorb pump vibration and are available in braided-braid or single braided beamed-braid options. DIMENSIONS Pump Connectors are designed to absorb pump vibration, plus 1/8” misalignment. 8” & 10” standard pump connectors are manufactured with braided-braid (“-S” style represents single braided beamed-braid). MATERIALS { display: none; }

Stainless Steel Braided - Threaded Flex Connectors

Stainless Steel Braided Male X Male Pump Connector

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These Stainless Steel Braided Pump Connectors (Series PCMMT) are manufactured with Male X Male threaded connections for easy installation. Hose, braid, and collars are 300 Series grade stainless steel, while the Male X Male ends are National Pipe Thread (NPT) steel. DIMENSIONS *Working pressure ratings may vary based on specific application. Above pressures are based on simple pump vibration in a static installation. For elevated temperature service (above 250 Degrees F.) please contact API Sales for actual working pressure ratings. MATERIALS { display: none; }