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Flange Dimensional Tolerances

This table displays Flange Dimensional Tolerances by inside, outside, and contact diameter, thickness, and drilling tolerances for bolt holes diameter and spacing. These standard flange dimensional tolerances are ideal when other specifications aren’t used.

OUTSIDE DIAMETERWhen O.D. is 24" or less+1/8", -1/16"
OUTSIDE DIAMETERWhen O.D. is over 24"+1/8", -1/8"
INSIDE DIAMETERWhen I.D. is 10" and Smaller+1/32",- 0"
INSIDE DIAMETERWhen I.D. is over 10”+1/16",- 0"
CONTACT FACE DIAMETER1/16" Raised Face And 1/4" Raised Face+1/64",- 1/64"
DRILLINGBolt Hole Diameter+1/32”, -1/32”
DRILLINGBolt Circle Diameter+ 1/16”, - 1/16"
DRILLINGBolt Hole Spacing+ 1/32”, - 1/32"
THICKNESSWhen nominal size is 18" and smaller+1/8", -0"
THICKNESSWhen nominal size is 20" and larger+3/16",- 0"