AWWA Class D Steel Blind Flanges

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Class “D” Steel Blind Flanges

This AWWA Class D Steel Blind Flange (Series PFBL-D) is manufactured to AWWA C207 and ANSI #150 drill pattern specifications and is intended to seal off piping systems. At atmospheric temperature, this series is pressure rated for up to 175psi for 4- to 12-inch flanges, and 150psi for flanges 14 inches and larger.

API Part NumberSizeO.D.I.D.Ø B.H.C.Ø B.H.# B.H.THKWeight Lbs
PFBL0400-D49.00 BLIND7.500.75080.62510.6
PFBL0500-D510.00 BLIND8.500.87580.65013.6
PFBL0600-D611.00 BLIND9.500.87580.69317.7
PFBL0800-D813.50 BLIND11.750.87580.81231.8
PFBL1000-D1016.00 BLIND14.251.000120.95351.7
PFBL1200-D1219.00 BLIND17.001.000121.11786.7
PFBL1400-D1421.00 BLIND18.751.125121.133107.4
PFBL1600-D1623.50 BLIND21.251.125161.265149.8
PFBL1800-D1825.00 BLIND22.751.250161.331177.7
PFBL2000-D2027.50 BLIND25.001.250201.448233.6
PFBL2200-D2229.50 BLIND27.251.375201.568290.5
PFBL2400-D2432.00 BLIND29.501.375201.661364.5
PFBL2600-D2634.25 BLIND31.751.375241.786448.2
PFBL2800-D2836.50 BLIND34.001.375281.906542.6
PFBL3000-D3038.75 BLIND36.001.375282.008647.3
PFBL3200-D3241.75 BLIND38.501.625282.150798.6
PFBL3400-D3443.75 BLIND40.501.625322.252916.9
PFBL3600-D3646.00 BLIND42.751.625322.3701071.4
PFBL3800-D3848.75 BLIND45.251.625322.5061278.2
PFBL4000-D4050.75 BLIND47.251.625362.6091440.1
PFBL4200-D4253.00 BLIND49.501.625362.7291648.1
PFBL4400-D4455.25 BLIND51.751.625402.8491868.2
PFBL4600-D4657.25 BLIND53.751.625402.9522083.7
PFBL4800-D4859.50 BLIND56.001.625443.0722340.7
PFBL5000-D5061.75 BLIND58.251.875443.1962601.9
PFBL5200-D5264.00 BLIND60.501.875443.3152907.5
PFBL5400-D5466.25 BLIND62.751.875443.4353236.7
PFBL6000-D6073.00 BLIND69.251.875523.7794327.6
PFBL6600-D6680.00 BLIND76.001.875524.1365722.2
PFBL7200-D7286.50 BLIND82.501.875604.4807249.0

a. Steel material conforms to the requirements of AWWA C207 specifications. Other material is available upon request.
b. Meets ANSI class 150 pattern.
c. AWWA recommends the use of Dish Assemblies for sizes above 72”. Call API customer service for additional information.
Pressure Ratings: 175psi (4” – 12”) and 150psi (14” and larger) at atmospheric temperature.

AWWA Class “D” Steel Blind Flanges (150 - 175 psi) Drawing