KLAMPz K41 Flange Adapter

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Flange Adapter, Grooved

The KLAMPz K41 flange adapter is ANSI pressure-rated to 150psi, and UL/FM pressure-rated to 175psi. Closure bolts included. They are made with ductile iron material with a paint coating.

Nominal Size InchesPipe OD InchesUL / FM PressureANSI PressureDimensions D (Inches)Dimensions L (Inches)# Flange BoltsBolt/Nut Size Inches
22.375175 psi150 psi6.468.2740.375 x 2.75
2.52.875175 psi150 psi6.939.4540.375 x 2.75
33.500175 psi150 psi7.569.8440.375 x 2.75
44.500175 psi150 psi8.8210.9480.375 x 2.75
55.563175 psi150 psi10.0012.2080.375 x 2.75
66.625175 psi150 psi11.1013.2380.5 x 3.125
88.625175 psi150 psi13.5015.5580.5 x 3.125
1010.750175 psi150 psi15.9118.50120.625 x 3.875
12175 psi150 psi0.625 x 3.875
  • A hard metal washer is required between the Model K41 gasket and any rubber mating surface, i.e. wafer and lug butterfly valves, flexible connectors, etc.
  • Two factory supplied closure bolts are included with Model K41 Flange Adapter.
  • The Model K41 Flange Adapter should not be used as an anchor point for tie-rods on un-restrained joints.
  • When mounting the Model K41 Flange Adapter to valves, assure that there is adequate clearance between the flange and valve handle, operator, etc.
  • UL-listed and FM-approved